English Hemp the UKs purest CBD

At English Hemp we are passionate about hemp; Cannabis Sativa is nature's original superfood and with 25,000 diverse uses it really can help save the world!

We dedicate our time to producing the only UK Organically Bio-Dynamically

grown CBD. We are constantly striving to make it more powerful & healing.


Hemp is an amazing superfood, and the only source of omega 9 other than fish, but we are more interested in exploring the healing power of CBD tinctures and intention.


Hemp contains, inter alia, over 410 cannabidoils whose healing powers are only starting to be understood. Scientific data are collated at the wonderful www.projectcbd.org


My apprentiship with hemp so far has been facinating as I try to make the cleanest, most beautiful, healing medicine.


Contact us with the form below for more about our 2016 CBD Solution. The only UK grown Organic & Bio-Dynamic CBD, grown with healing intention, meditation & Chakra frequencies.


A true plant spirit medcine and the world's only spageryric CBD tincture.


After a long search we have finaly found land that has never been polluted with any pesticides, just outside Totnes, in Devon. The land feels remote and timeless with a strong healing energy. Inspired by the space, we plan to change our hemp growing so that the social capital side blossoms with hemp meditation weekends.





Our hemp is hand planted in early May, in a very sacred way involving meditation, frequencies & healing intention, to produce the purest most beautiful tinctures, oils and seeds.


Throughout the 108 days it grows we spend time in the heart shape at the centre of the space nurtuting the plant with frequencies & intention. We also honour the sacred nature of the plant with Bio-Dynamic preperations, spraying rainbows over the plants & giving love. The resulting energy from the plant spirit is extrordinary.


The hemp is hand harvested & processed, again without fossil fuel powered machines in late August. We pick the most beautiful plants and harvest the top section, then fresh tincture it in the field, for 108 days. The plant matter is then removed, dried and burnt down to capture the "energy body" via the process of spageric alchemy, which is returned to the tincture. We bottle in small batches toning the medicine with high vibration frequencies



Click the HZ links to listen, huge thanks to Meditative mind for all his work

And to Dr Emoto & the cymatics world .

Our organic cbd growing philosophy

Caring for the world is very important to us and hemp is an eco friendly crop to grow. It needs no additives, chemicals or pesticide and very little watering. We harvest 100% by hand and are always improving our off grid processing space, which enables us to produce a local, organic, zero carbon crop.


We are a small local company, more concerned about saving the world than making millions. Hence our decision to run as a not for profit venture with all profits used to fund further hemp experiments, so we can make best use of the whole plant.


Every part of the plant is useful, we explore the many uses of hemp HERE ....and this is what we are also endlessly facinated by; -relearning the skills that once made hemp the worlds leading provider of fabric, sails and rope, fuel, logs and lamp oil .

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The web price is £25 plus postage. If you can plead a good case the price is negotiable, however we rely on your honesty & are trying to make this a sustainable business whilst offering a lower price & higher quality than most other suppliers.



Note we are offgrid and have no phone signal on the farm so response time may vairy... we are not a 24/7 multi-national..

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More and more as we interact with our customers we are receiving wonderful feedback. I do not like to brag, but the kind words below were too good not to print !


As a Medical Dowser I have to check many herbs and remedies for the efficacy and vibrancy of their ingredients. Nick's CBD tinctures dowses at a particularly high level near the 99% mark. I would definitely recommend it.

Sean Ferris, Medical Dowser, Totnes


I've been ordered CBD oil from English Hemp since the start of 2016 and have found it incredibly helpful for myself and clients. It's unlike any other CBD oil I've tried and I do believe it's the most powerful in the world. If you are suffering or simply looking for something to take your health to the next level I highly recommend ordering some, my first order was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. W.M


My mum has found it to be an exceptionally good product (better than others) ...its helped hugely with the pain management & nausea amongst many other things... her kidney function has also inreased which her doctors are amazed and baffled by... the CBD really helps R


First of all I want to say a huge thank you for coming to the Vegan Festival this year in Kensington. Meeting you has opened me up to looking at aspects of my life completely differently. At the Vegfest I purchased the 528hz Rum solution, and it has amazed me the wonders it has done, I have been take it twice everyday pretty much in the morning and late evening. I find it feels more soothing in comparison to smoking cannabis... Because of this I am intrigued to try The Dry Martini and G & T solutions. F O


I have been recommended to contact you by a friend who has been taking your oil for anxiety and has said it has really helped her symptoms. E T


I have fibromyalgia and I've found that it keeps the pain at bay and seems to give me more energy. It's amazing! L UK


I have to compliment you on it's effectiveness; it has empowered me to quit both tobacco and many THC-focused cannabis products in the weeks since... you've made a significant difference to my life. SB


It has amazed me the wonders it has done, I have been take it twice everyday pretty much in the morning and late evening. I find it feels more soothing FO


I have been recommended to contact you by a friend who has been taking your oil for anxiety and has said it has really helped her symptoms. ET


I was given CBD solution in a spray bottle (rum) as a present to help with appetite issues. The effect has been positive. I wish to purchase 2 more please G C


Hi, got some from you for anxiety and found to have a postive effect, so i would like a couple more please SHT


choose how many bottles
choose how many bottles

Organic & Biodynamic

Fresh processed

432hz & Chakra toned


Dry Martini: Root charka 396 hz, for groundedness & peace, against anxiety & stress


Rum: Solar Plexus chakra 528 hz, for power, self asteem, against lethargy


G&T: Herat chakra, 431 hz, for love, joy, happiness, compassion, against grief

Organic CBD